Founded in 2012, Ten Belles is a specialty coffee company and sourdough bakery with three Paris locations.

The original Ten Belles location opened in 2012 beside the Canal Saint-Martin, followed by Ten Belled Bread in 2016. This, the largest of the three locations, is where the bread is baked and food is prepared daily and boasts are charming mural by artist Camille de Cussac. The left bank store opened in 2019. All locations stock a selection of the house-made sourdough breads, coffee, pastries, salad, sandwiches, and Ten Belles branded merchandise.

"Ten Belles is a sustainable and socially-responsible sourdough bakery and specialty coffee roaster. Everything we make stands for our commitment to regenerating people, place, and our planet. We strive to use artisanal methods, care for everyone who walks through our doors and reduce our impact on the environment."